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About the company

ITO Foods I&E GmbH is the sole agent of Affinite Food Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, R.O.C. that it is a high  calibrate  manufacturer of  wide range of  vegetarian foods in frozen and dry and traditional Taiwan biscuit – we are solely serving vegetarian people and also great friend with Vegan Society.

Throughout the consistence  product improvement  in applying  soybean  raw material, we are producing high quality of vegetarian foods by using texturing soy fiber  and soy isolate  protein as  primary  ingredients that it  manages to process delicious, chewable and healthy foods in catering vegetarian people.

The introduction  of our products  to European  market means the successful     “ Art of Soy ” concept  melting  into daily  food  consumption  because  the tastefulness,  easy-to-serve, natural  healthy and affordable price  mixing an unique marketing tactic for our products.

From now on, all vegetarian consumers can enjoy the shopping of full range of vegetarian food and no longer basic Tofu in the menu.

It is a warm welcome to visit our flagship store in Vienna to share the concept of “ Art of Soy ”.